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Welcome to the Littleton Colorado High School Class of 1965 website. This site was developed and is operated by the Class of ’65 reunion committee and is intended to promote communications and fond recollections amongst LHS graduates and friends of the class.

We ask that all Class of ’65 members register by selecting the Please Register button. If you are already registered, you may also use the Please Register page to update your information. Remember to use your name as you were known in High School or folks won’t know who you are. If you wish to share your information with others, please so indicate at the bottom of the registration page. If you do not wish to share your information, you can still provide it but it will be kept in strictest confidence by the reunion committee except that it will be used by us to inform you of upcoming reunions or class events. You must register to gain access to classmates information.

If you have any photos you wish to share, please send electronic copies to the reunion committee at Contact Us. If you have a family website or Facebook page that you would like to share, please notify us at Contact Us. We will link your site to this LHS site on the Links page you would like.

If you wish to Post a Comment, please keep it clean and in good taste. This is intended to be a fun site so please NO POLITICS and please use 1964 manners. Any comment which is reported as offensive will be refereed and may be removed.

Information on this website is not to be used for commercial or marketing purposes; any abuse may cause us to have to discontinue the site.

This website is supported entirely by contributions of members of the Class. Ongoing costs include updating of information, making the site more functional, and ongoing webhosting.

Please enjoy your use of the website and the thousands of memories that are contained herein. Be sure to drill down in the photo gallery section which contains many many memories. Your support, participation and interest are greatly appreciated.

The Reunion Committee 


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